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Get Involved!

Please note that the BeFed Lab will be moving to the University of Toledo in the summer of 2024. Dr. O'Connor is not taking on current research mentees at Montclair State. She will be looking to continue the work of the BeFed Lab at the University of Toledo starting in Fall 2024.


Dr. O'Connor hopes to accept a Ph.D. student for the Fall 2025 admissions class. She will be looking for applicants whose interests are complementary to the lab. Interested applicants should learn more about the University of Toledo's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program by visiting their website. Applications are due December 1st.


Undergraduate students interested in a career in psychology are encouraged to get involved in research early. Students who are able to volunteer ~10 hours per week for one year (including summers) and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher may be eligible to join the BeFed Lab. 

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